The Situation Gets His Own iPhone App

Hardcore Situation fans can now have their beloved Jersey Shore cast member at their fingertips. The ab-tastic reality star has released an iPhone app on iTunes, allowing his fans to stay connected with his GTL lifestyle.

RadarOnline released a preview of the app showing a surprisingly classy menu screen with links to The Sitch’s workout plan (which shows the buff star working out in short shorts), a sound board, and an option to personally message the star. The app also has a “GTL Finder” which locates the nearest gyms and laundromats. But what about tanning, Mike?

The app also links to a “Grenade Dodger” game, which allows users to aid the reality star in avoiding “grenades,” (Shore slang for an unattractive women.) Grenades drop from the sky in the game and users must use their touchscreen to move Mike out of the way.

A source spills that The Situation and his brother/business partner have been working on the app for “almost six months” and are “thrilled” with the final product.

The app couldn’t have come at a better time: The Sitch is gearing up for the eleventh season of Dancing with the Stars, which premieres on September 20 on ABC.

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