Top Chef D.C. Picks A Winner!

Kevin Spraga was named the seventh Top Chef winner last night in the season finale of Top Chef: D.C

The show ended this season in Singapore. The producers threw Kevin for quite a loop when they surprised him with three winners from the previous seasons to act as his sous chefs.  Just when he thought it was over, they brought in Michael Voltaggio from Top Chef: Las Vegas, Hung Huynh from Top Chef: Miami, and Ilan Hall from Top Chef: LA to assist as he created a full four-course meal consisting of vegetable, fish, meat, and dessert dishes. 

After winning, Kevin said: 

“YES! My dreams came true that moment. Yes I was shocked, I was numb. I wasn’t sure if this was really happening…Again I was shocked, not because I won, because my dreams really came true that night.”

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