Warning: Miley Cyrus Might Give You Seizures!

Miley Cyrus might be a positive role model—at least, in the eyes of the Internet community—but according to reports, she also poses a significant health risk.

MSNBC reports that Dr. Paul Carney, a pediatric neurologist and professor at the University of Florida, has been treating a 12-year-old Florida girl who had been suffering up to 25-30 seizures a day triggered by various stimuli—including a song by Cyrus’ musical alter-ego, Hannah Montana. (The doctor doesn’t recall the title of the offending tune.)

The unnamed patient suffers from a rare form of epilepsy set off by such things as Beethoven music, warm water and even a particular font. The seizures cause the girl’s body to shake and jerk forward.

Though rare, the girl’s condition isn’t unheard of; back in 1991, an American woman made headlines when her doctor reported that she suffered attacks whenever she heard the voice of Entertainment Tonight personality Mary Hart.

Luckily, Dr. Carney reports, the 12-year-old Floridian is now taking medication and is on the mend, only suffering approximately one seizure a week:

“Her prognosis is actually good. In a lot of people, these seizures go away over time.”

Cyrus’ millions of teenage fans, presumably, will continue to experience spasms of delight when they hear her voice.

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