Celebrities Invade New York Fashion Week 2010 (PHOTOS)

New York Fashion Week has officially begun. While designers are still sewing the final hems on their dresses, models have perfected their inimitable runway struts and celebrities have flocked to the streets of the infamous white tents.

Celebuzz is here to keep you up to date on the most stylish celebrities attending the most jaw-dropping shows. From Blake Lively to Ashley Tisdale, everyone is here. See who's most dressed to impress in our fashionable gallery, and stay tuned for updates throughout the week.



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  • XX

    luv' it !

  • MiimZ

    Noo with black hair is much better !! But I love all her looks. And I love her SO much !!! And about that pic... well I think that she have got better picz but I like and this !

  • theonlyafatra

    yikes! Is she a Female or Male? honestly she looks like a SHEMALE! hahaha

  • erh

    is that ashley greene?

  • freshup16

    not a cute outfit!!

  • izzy

    i love this outfit