Report: Lindsay Lohan Fails Drug Test

UPDATE: TMZ now reports that Lohan has failed at least two drug tests, both in a short period of time. It’s not yet known what she tested positive for on the other test.

UPDATE: Lohan tells Us Magazine that TMZ’s report of her failed drug test are false, scoffing,

“I’m fine. They’re all nuts.”

Lohan’s attorney, Ed MacPherson, meanwhile, is reserving judgment pending further details, telling the magazine,

“I have no idea at this point whether or not there is any merit to this.”

UPDATE: TMZ now reports that Lohan tested positive for cocaine.

Lindsay Lohan has hit another stumbling block on her road to recovery—and her quest for continued freedom.

TMZ reports that Lohan—who this summer spent time in jail, then in rehab for violating the terms of her probation from her 2007 DUI arrest—failed a court-mandated drug test last week. According to the terms of Lohan’s probation, she could receive 30 days in jail for the positive test result.

Los Angeles D.A. spokesperson Sandi Gibbons says that her office has yet to be “officially notified” of the failed test, and no court date has been set in light of this new development. According to friends of the troubled actress, Lohan is denying the report of a failed drug test.

Last weekend, Lohan reportedly partied until the wee hours of the morning at New York’s Boom Boom Room.

Celebuzz’s calls to Lohan’s attorney for comment have not yet been returned.

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