UPDATE: Miley Cyrus Calls Cops on Intruder?

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources say the unknown man caught snooping around Miley Cyrus’ house was merely a 14-year-old Australian boy, who went back to the pop singer’s house for a second look after learning where she lived on a celebrity home tour earlier that same day.

Cops who happened to being driving by took the kid back to the hotel where his family was staying without filing any charges.

Thankfully, it was an admirer and not a crazy person!

An intruder was reportedly arrested at Miley Cyrus’ San Fernando Valley home earlier this week.

TMZ reports that an unidentified man was driven off in the back of a police car after police found him in the teen pop diva’s home.

It isn’t clear if this man was a pesky paparazzo who got to close to Miley’s home or some other kind of intruder.

The “Can’t Be Tamed” singer was videotaped earlier this week ranting against a group of paparazzi who were bothering her after a girl’s night out with Demi Lovato.

Here’s hoping Miley is safe and sound!

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