Chris O’Donnell’s Mission to Improve Kids’ Smiles

On Chris O’Donnell’s hit CBS show NCIS: Los Angeles, he spends most of his time fighting criminals as an undercover agent. However his newest venture is helping fight poor dental hygiene among America’s youth.

In what numbers O’Donnell described as staggering, as many as half of all second graders and 80 percent of 17-year-olds are affected by tooth decay. He also mentions:

“It’s crazy that in this day and age there are kids who can’t get treatment. Every kid deserves a healthy smile.”

That is why Trident has agreed to donate five cents for every pack of gum sold from September 13 until September 19 to Smiles Across America. The money will benefit children who can’t afford dental procedures by bringing programs to their schools and according to O’Donnell they’ve already been able to give out dental sealants to nearly one million kids.

With the second season of O’Donnell’s show premiering next week, the father of five also comments:

“It’s heartbreaking to see kids with a mouth full of cavities, especially because it’s so preventable. I just want to help get the word out.”