‘Mad Men’ Star Talks Fashion and Men

Interested in dating a leggy, brunette actress? You’re in luck. Alexandra Ella from Mad Men put out her personal ad on the red carpet at Macys Passport Presents Galmourama.

“Men have to at least have a sense of fashion,” the star said. “And tall men please.”

Ella, who showed up on the red carpet wearing a nude-colored skintight dress, said she prefers clothing that fits “well” on her tiny frame.

“I like fitted clothing for the most part. As long as it fits really nicely, I’m happy.”

So if you’re interested in taking this beauty out on the town, here is what you need to know:

“I love men that have an interesting style. I mean I don’t like the clubbing “I’m a clubber” style. No. But something that really gets out their personality, it could be a nerdy, cool look, it could be really sleek and well tailored. I just like when they’ve put some thought into it and that they were trying to say something with it.”

And nerdy, doesn’t mean worn-in T-shirts, either fellas. Ella won’t even entertain the idea.

“They have to know what looks good on them and have just some sort of thing that gets their personality out in fashion. I just don’t understand men that don’t have any sense of anything.”

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