Katy Perry Bachelorette-Parties With Rihanna

What happened in Vegas isn’t exactly staying in Vegas for bachelorette Katy Perry.

Thanks to pictures like the one above, prying eyes (including those of Katy’s fiance Russell Brand) now know that the Teenage Dream pop star and pals like Rihanna hit the Cirque du Soleil Ka show on Saturday night as part of Katy’s randy bachelorette weekend.

Katy’s fun in the desert sun came on the heels of Brand’s arrest for allegedly attacking a paparazzi photographer at Los Angeles’ LAX Internatonal Airport on Friday. Katy later tweeted that Russell was defending her honor, saying, “If you cross the line & try an put a lens up my dress, my fiancé will do his job & protect me.”

According to People, Katy’s bachelorette weekend included pool partying and and even a stop at a strip club! What were Katy and RiRi saying to the colorfully-dressed Ka performers in the wacky photo above? It’s time for our witty Celebuzz readers to caption this shot in the comments.