Justin Bieber Visits Hooters

Justin Bieber may be a young teen, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t enjoy looking at scantily-clad Hooters waitresses.

The “Baby” singer was recently spotted posing for photos with a gaggle of Hooters waitresses at a mall in Edmonton, Canada. The 16-year-old cutie popped into the restaurant to take some photos with the gals, but didn’t get a chance to practice his smooth moves on the tank-top wearing waitresses. “None of the servers really got to talk to him,” said one waitress, “He was surrounded by his fans.”

A pack of eager Bieber fans filled up the restaurant while he was there, but quickly disbanded once the pop star left. Despite being in his home country, the lovely Hooters girls didn’t know much about the famous Canadian. When asked what Justin was famous for, one waitress seemed a little confused: “The hair cut, I think that’s what made him famous.”

Oops! It looks like Kim Kardashian may be the only lady over 17 who is susceptible to Justin’s magic charms. Maybe if Justin had broke out into song the Hooters gals would have been more impressed. Check out Justin winning over the ladies in “One Time” below.

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