Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Take a Hike (PHOTOS)

Khloe Kardashian and her husband Lamar Odom obviously share a commitment to fitness that rivals their commitment to each other.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and her Los Angeles Lakers spouse hit the trail in Los Angeles on Saturday, hiking through canyon country and experiencing the breathtaking scenery while keeping themselves in eye-catching shape.

Click through the photo gallery to join Khloe and Lamar on their hike—and don't forget, September is National Cholesterol Education Month. We remind you because we care. And make sure to hit up Paparazzi-Razzi for more pics of famous people looking their best.

Photo Source: GRPR/GSI Media



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  • Serenna

    Lamar Odom has a nice body ahaha I LOVEEE KHLOE , shes the realest in their whole kardashian family

  • Renee

    Here I am, a 41 yr old woman and the Kardashian's are my guilty pleasure. Khloe is by far my favourite. She is beautiful, hilarious and the most real in that family. I wish her and Lamar all the best in their lives, keep it real

  • sista

    I share the same thought i like kloe the best. very insperational

  • Penny

    It seems like Khloe and Lamar never has any alone time. What is up with Rob? Everyone babies him like he is a child. I think it's about time he grows up and lives on his own isntead of muching off of everyone else! what a looser!!

  • vanessa

    i love you and your sisters and everthink about your life it´s incradiable, when you come to brazil one day please come to natal it´s a beatifull

  • patrice

    hey khloe, i love what you and Lamar share. Good for you!

  • Brice

    Her body Looks disfigured.... Weired really

  • kuehlpamela45


  • Eshmerelle

    Khloe Kardashian Odom is the prettiest of all the Khardashian sisters. She is keeping it real and is not a pretencious person. I love her to bits.

  • noah

    Holy fat-attack Batman! From the look of her gut, Khloe should be doing something more cardio-intensive than plain old hiking. I bet Lamar is taking her up into the hills in the hopes someone mistakes her for Big Foot and shoots her.