Kim Kardashian Takes Paris

Whew! Keeping up with Kim Kardashian’s European tour is work!

In pictures posted on her blog today, Kim and her mom Kris Jenner hit up the famous Louvre museum to enjoy some of the world’s most treasured art and relics. Among these was a portrait of Louis XIV, a gorgeous crown and the Mona Lisa herself. Kim was truly blown away, saying: 

“Mom and I went to The Louvre! We went to see the Mona Lisa! It was so surreal seeing one of the world’s most famous paintings in person. What an amazing day in Paris! Look at this princess crown!”

And if that wasn’t treat enough, upon arriving at her hotel, the starlet was gifted with a few little goodies to enjoy in one of the most romantic cities in the world. In true Parisian fashion, Kim received champagne, chocolates, strawberries, flowers and even lingerie! Kim gushed:

“I was like OMG I know Paris is romantic but it’s just me here! Party of one, I’m afraid! LOLLL”

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