Rihanna’s ‘Who’s That Chick’ Video Is a Doritos Ad

Many Rihanna fans were perplexed when a new song by the singer, “Who’s That Chick,” along with an accompanying video, popped up out of thin air on the Internet last week—and it wasn’t just because of the mind-bending surrealism of the video. After all, while it’s well-known that Ri-Ri is preparing for the release of her fifth studio album, Loud (out on November 16), but no mention had been made of a song with that title previous to its surprise appearance on Friday.

Thankfully, before widespread confusion and violent chaos could ensue, the “Rude Boy” singer took to her Twitter account to clear things up: “Who’s That Chick” won’t be included on her upcoming disc. Rather, the brain-melting clip is an ad for the popular snack Doritos. Yeah, really. Rihanna tweeted about the vid,

“Who’s that Chick, is an online music video/commercial that we shot for Doritos and it got leaked………I don’t want u to get confused…doritos is in no way connected to LOUD.”

And the video itself, in turn, seems barely connected to Doritos. The “Who’s That Chick” skit might contain many things—magical butterflies and a staunch adherence to a psychedelic color scheme among them—but there’s nary a cheesy chip to be found. Perhaps the Doritos brand is looking to snatch its dominance in the stoner-snack market back from Funyuns?

Check out Ri-Ri’s “Who’s That Chick” video below. Does it make you want to eat Doritos? Let us know in the comments section.

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