Town Uses 'Twilight' to Remind Folks to Buckle Up

Town Uses 'Twilight' to Remind Folks to Buckle Up-photo

Just when you thought Twilight fever would cool down for a little bit (the newest film isn’t out until 2011), it’s found a way to become relevant again.

Billboards around Portland, Oregon have taken on the theme of the Twilight Saga reading:

“You are not immortal. Buckle Up.”

Normally, we would think this is kind of weird, but seatbelt safety is pretty important. Anything to get young tweens to buckle up is fine by us.

Does this make you want to buckle up for safety? Or is this a ridiculous marketing ploy? Drop us a comment!



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  • Lily

    it would have been so much more effective if it were black, white and red. nothing could cause a rebellion among us twilight fans more than using ORANGE for something twilight related :D

  • infratime