'Breaking Dawn' Won't Get the 3D Treatment

'Breaking Dawn' Won't Get the 3D Treatment-photo

Breathe easy—or ball up your fists in disapproval—Twi-hards; contrary to widespread rumor, the final two installments of the Twilight series, the two-part Breaking Dawn, won't be filmed in the newly popular 3D format.

A representative for Summit Entertainment, producers of the Twilight series, debunks the rumors to Gossip Cop, calling the 3D reports "fabricated" and stating emphatically,

“Neither film is being shot in 3D."

Well, this should make Renesmee's birth scene much less memorable. And probably much less nausea-inducing. On the downside, now we might never know how dreamy Robert Pattinson would look in glorious 3D technology.

Are you relieved or disappointed that Breaking Dawn won't be filmed in 3D? Share your rejoicing or lamentation in the comments section.



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  • Sarah

    oh thanks god i actually really do not like 3D movies

  • lully

    yeah it really hurt the eyes and headache..

  • Imarai

    What the hell do we need 3-D for it just makes your eyes hurt

  • sydsouth

    * WTF it doesn't need to be in 3D!!! don't ever put one of the Twilight Saga movies in 3D, ewwww!! * =P

  • Hilda Szórád
    Hilda Szórád

    Finally, it's a vise decision.

  • qzlqmr


  • gorgeouskate

    i can't wait for everything in breaking dawn especially the bed scene, the birth scene, the transformation of bella and of course renesmee...

  • agent101

    no prblm

  • Catherine Do
    Catherine Do

    wow i can't wait to see it and Edward and Bella getting married and becoming parents and having a daughter

  • Luna

    yes WOAH WOAH THANK GOD I LOVE YOU my opinion 3-d sucks Team taylor launter forever

  • Nani

    Not disappointed!! Just want Breaking Dawn two part to be a memorable one since it will be the end of the saga series.

  • simplydiffer

    thank you jesus. :D