Has Demi Lovato ‘Lost Respect’ for Joe Jonas Over Ashley Greene?

Demi Lovato might have toed the “we’re still friends” line pretty heavily following her May breakup with Jonas Brother Joe Jonas, but his relationship with Twilight beauty Ashley Greene is reportedly starting to rankle her.

Lovato, who’s currently touring with the Jonas Brothers, tells Hollywood Life that she’s just a wee bit dismayed that Jonas has allowed Greene to join him on the tour—and it may have even caused her to lose some respect for her former beau: 

“I think there’s a certain level of respect that’s lost when that happens, but you can’t do anything about it other than to just keep going and be glad you have someone in your life that you can think about and spend your time with.”


Do you think it was tactless of Joe to bring Ashley along for the tour when Demi is also on the bill, or should he be allowed to let his new romance blossom unhindered by his dating past? Share your thoughts in the comments section.