Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Make-Up, Tiny Ear Fetish

In a recent interview with British publication Heat Magazine, Kim Kardashian divulged a little bit more than she usually does and opened up about several details about her own personal style and interests. Because Kim is usually always seen in full makeup, it’s hard to imagine her without it — but the Curvy One must take it off at some point, right?. In regards to how that feels for her, she said:

“When I don’t have make-up on, everyone’s like ‘Whoa, you look 19!’ But I’m a glamour girl – I love make-up, I love hair…I don’t feel sexy unless I’m fully made up.”

In addition to the comments about her self-image, Kim surprises us with her quirky desire when it comes to men: 

“I’m obsessed with guys with tiny ears. They turn me on. Isn’t that weird? When I’m dating someone, I always think, ‘Could I marry this person?’ And, ‘What would my kids look like?’ ”

The always-fabulous Kim is still making her rounds in Europe – check out her blog ( to keep up with her various escapades!