Lindsay Lohan Will Have to Sign ‘Sobriety Clause’ for ‘Inferno’

Lindsay Lohan hasn’t just endangered her freedom and her health with her recent shenanigans—she’s also endangering her film career.

Lohan is next due to portray ill-fated Deep Throat porn star Linda Lovelace in the upcoming biopic Inferno. And while the film’s producers are solidly behind the troubled actress—at least for now—she’ll be out on her ear if she doesn’t remain “100 percent sober” while filming.

Inferno producer Chris Hanley tells E! News that a “sobriety clause” is being added to Lohan’s contract, in an effort to ensure that she doesn’t become a liability to the production:

“Formally, the terms of the acting services agreement would be such that Lindsay would not violate any obligation she would have to fulfill with the court, with her probation, or with the production insurance…Informally, as far as I am concerned that would include being 100 percent sober, yes. The actual contractual wording would be more legal to include making sure the movie production would not be compromised in any way.”

It still remains to be seen whether or not Lohan’s participation in the film will even get that far—Lohan currently has a warrant out for her arrest, and faces jail time after reportedly failing two court-mandated drug tests. Should Lohan be unable to fulfill this aspect of her contract, director Matthew Wilder notes that the show will go on—with or without her:

“Every other part of the prep is going on regardless. It will work out one way or another.”

Even if Lohan isn’t thrown in the slammer for failing her drug tests, do you think she’ll be able to hold it together long enough to film Inferno? If not, who do you think would make a good replacement for her? Share your predictions and thoughts in the comments section.