Report: Lindsay Lohan Broke, Dragging Mom Down With Her

Add another item to Lindsay Lohan’s growing list of woes.

Radar Online reports that Lohan, who’s currently facing jail time due to a pair of failed, court-mandated drug tests, is in dire financial straits and close to going broke. Perhaps worse, her monetary situation is causing budgetary strain for mother, Dina Lohan.

A well-placed source tells Radar:

Lindsay is in serious trouble financially…Dina is struggling to make ends meet and pay Lindsay’s lawyers and this latest development doesn’t help things…Everyone thinks the Lohan family is so well-off, but if they knew the truth, it would be shocking.

Perhaps not so shocking, really, given the lack of acting roles that LiLo has performed while digging herself into the predicament that she currently finds herself in. Aside from a bit part in the recently released Robert Rodriguez film Machete, Lohan has appeared in a scant two roles since 2008: The direct-to-DVD bomb Labor Pains in 2009, and a 2008 guest stint on Ugly Betty, which was reportedly cut short due to Lohan’s on-set misbehavior.

Luckily, the producers of Inferno, Lohan’s upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic, are standing behind her—at least for now. The settlement that Lohan reached with E*Trade over her $100 million defamation lawsuit on Monday will no doubt help keep her out of the poor house for a little while too.

Check out photos of a smiley Lohan heading to AA this week, plus shots of her making one of many court visits and going back to her natural red mane.

With her recent failed drug tests, can Lindsay’s career possibly rebound? Share your predictions in the comments section and weigh in via the poll below.