Russell Brand Knew He'd Marry Katy Perry on First Date

Russell Brand Knew He'd Marry Katy Perry on First Date-photo

If you're following the Katy Perry model of finding love, go ahead and hurl a bottle at the object of your affection's head. That's how the Teenage Dream singer won over fiance Russell Brand, according to his new book, Booky Wook 2: This Time It's Personal. 

According to Britain's The Sun (via Monsters and Critics,) Russell writes that he instantaneously fell for Katy when she threw a bottle at his head as he reheased for his 2009 VMA hosting gig. 

"The truth is I fell in love with her when she hit me with that bottle," he said.

One date later, Russell was smitten for life, writing: "From the first date I changed. No more women. Well, actually, thousands of women. I wake up to a different one each day, but they're all her."

Now that is pretty cute. No wonder Katy is marrying this guy!

Do you love - or hate - Katy and Russell as a couple? Weigh in via the comments.



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  • bondo

    Hope she has a 55 gal drum of disinfectant for him. And she's up on all her shots.

  • Kathryn Pérusse
    Kathryn Pérusse

    Russel needs to button his shirt.Now.Imediatly.

  • psychokittyd

    theyre kinda unorthodox, but i hope their marriage lasts.

  • zenilda

    I have read the full exctract on Russell's book talking about Katy and it's the sweetest things you will ever hear from a man telling about his girlfriend! Katy is SO lucky! He sure has his own way with words!

  • me

    Lala sounds bitter and jeleous...dont hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! much love to them both!! I hope it does LAST!!

  • frida

    I adore them! I'm so jealous of Katy! Russell is really in love with her and he always has the sweetest words to say about her!

  • Christopher Minyard
    Christopher Minyard

    Fun couple! word...

  • Lala

    It won't last. I give it 2 years max, when both their careers start going downhill.

  • mel

    So cute! I love them of course!!!!

  • denise