Skinny Courtney Love Hits 'Wall Street' Premiere (PHOTOS)

A super-svelte Courtney Love strutted her stuff at the New York premiere of Wall Street 2 Monday night. Wearing a red Old Hollywood-style gown, Love looked stunning, but was she a tad too skinny?

Love's frame has come under question before thanks to her skinny disposition, and her Wall Street 2 look will only fan the flames of debate.

Click through to Courtney's red carpet gallery and let us know in the poll below - was Courtney slim and sleek or scary skinny?



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  • sam3

    She looks really good in that red dress.

  • Courtney is a Skank
    Courtney is a Skank

    Track marks, white bra showing and a hem so long that her dress is wrapped around her shoes. What a classy broad. Ugh.

  • guest

    wow- she looks totally manufactured and plastic! Holy plastic surgery...I can see her looking like Joan Rivers soon.

  • misconduckt

    why do we have to hear about everytime she gets more work done? how many times is this? 12 or so, I prefer the dirty screaming mess she was when Hole first came into the public eye at least she looked like a real human being....blech

  • oldhippie1955

    Murderous junkie white trash on the Heroin Diet again....

  • gross

    Wow, she is looking just frighteningly ugly. That sends shudders up my spine. I guess she looks emaciated and her skin is ruined from all the years of drug abuse.

  • gen


  • gen

    I think she looks beautiful! Her hair is pretty and her makeup really flatters her face!

  • me

    she doesnt seem like a nice lady

  • me

    seriously who is she ?

  • guest name
    guest name

    i hate big tattoos

  • ew

    ew ew ew

  • snookibtich

    who ?

  • .

    she looks sleepy

  • sara

    Yeah, crack will do that to you. Lipstick on a pig, people. this

  • jesse

    i dont know her . but she looks scary to me who is she like what did she do ?

  • whitecatthorn

    I think she's looking so good lately! And I really like her, she's always been down to earth, said what she thinks, doesnt try to be someone she's not. Only thing I dont like is all the surgery she had.

  • c

    You are all hilarious! WTF is so "stunning" about a couple of plastic knockers? Come on!

  • Marble

    Why is she there? I mean, really, her 15 minutes are wayyyy over.

  • GeoTor

    Photo #9 ... she looks like someone goosed her up her arse with an electric prod when she wasn't looking. No ?

  • Jen

    Dude, zoom in on her right armpit. Wtf!?


    this is the first time ever that I haven't recoiled in horror upon seeing her face and/or body.

  • Ellen

    Wow! Plastic surgeon made her look like LInda Gray in "Dallas."

  • zonafan

    It doesn't matter what she wears . . . she's still white trash!

  • johnnyreb

    Try smelly and skanky

  • turbo

    That White Horse diet, U can lose 20 pounds and thousands over the weekend..

  • CoCo

    Yeah, crack will do that to you. Lipstick on a pig, people.

  • nico

    She looks nice when she cleans up. I hope she doesn't give up and goes back to looking like a mess.