The Situation’s iPhone App Rises to Best Seller List

The Situation’s newly -aunched iPhone application, aptly dubbed “The Situation,” has climbed into Apple’s top 10 grossing apps list since its release last Thursday.

The app, which sells for $4.99 on iTunes, functions as a Jersey Shore companion. It provides a “GTL” finder for on-the-go people in need of finding any gym, tanning bed, or laundromat around the globe, and includes a video game called Grenade Dodger, sound bites of his most awesome quotes, and even an ab workout routine crafted by Sitch himself.

“It’s done extremely well, and we believe it will continue to do so,” Apple spokesperson Adam Matuzich told The Hollywood Reporter, although the massive electronics company would not discuss the exact sales numbers.

Perhaps The Situation was too busy counting his Apple money to practice dancing, and consequently, got roasted by the Dancing With the Stars judges.

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