Did Kevin Jonas Flip for Brother Joe? (VIDEO)

Did Kevin Jonas Flip for Brother Joe? (VIDEO)-photo

Well, this is very un-Disney-like behavior.

Video footage of a recent Jonas Brothers concert has emerged, in which Kevin Jonas appears to give brother Joe Jonas the one-finger salute onstage as they crossed each other's paths, apparently in more ways than one.

Does Kevin share Demi Lovato's dismay over Joe's decision to bring his girlfriend, Ashley Greene, on tour with him? Or was Kev just reminding his sib that they're number one?

Check out the video below and share your theories in the comments section. And make sure to check out Celebuzz's gallery of celebrity bird shots for photos of famous finger-flippers.



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  • Chloe

    That's what brothers do sometimes, they just show up the middle finger! or insult each other! it's not like you REALLY hate them!

  • Lyra

    honestly sad if this is the best story you guys can come up with... where in the world do u get these ideas?? They are complete b.s honestly its kind of sad. Really the best you could do? Wow!

  • ellen

    if kevin was going to give joe the finger he wouldnt do it on stage in front of everyone... plus he ws counting if you watch the video you can see kevin go 1,2,3 just like kevin and nick always do... there was no middle finger.