Jennifer Garner and the Tutu Cute Violet (PHOTOS)

Watch out, Suri Cruise; a strong contender for your title of Cutest Celebrity Spawn Ever has emerged.

Jennifer Garner was spotted picking up her and hubby Ben Affleck's four-year-old daughter, Violet Affleck, from ballet class on Tuesday. Decked out in her tutu and ballet shoes, Violet was the very embodiment of pure, undiluted adorableness as she skipped through the street while clutching her mother's hand.

Click through the photo gallery to delight in the "aww"-inspiring display of mother-daughter bonding. And make sure to check out Paparazzi-Razzi for more pics of your favorite celebs out and about and doing their thing.



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  • Jonny

    you sound alot more incompetent of being a mother than she is, nancy. At least she doesn't speak like a retard and has some eloquence to her demeanor. And a rich spoiled model? shows how much you actually know what you're talking about. She's been in many movies and even had her own tv show for a few years. Why don't YOU donate YOUR money, because lord knows you don't work even a TENTH as hard as she does. Sit down, jealous one.

  • nanci

    why is jennier telling mothers how to raise their children, women have been raising children for the last 3 trillion years, we dont need some rich spoilt model to come along to tell us how to nurse our kids. What do jennifer know, she get one child and thinks she knows it all, go back to your mansion and be quiet. Jennifer was talking to some kids in the inner city about self esteem? give the school a couple thousands of dollars and shut up with the self esteem, rich people have no idea whats going on in the real world.