Lindsay Lohan Dines in LA (PHOTOS)

Based on her smiling face as she stepped out to dinner in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, you might not suspect Lindsay Lohan could be back in jail on Friday. The 24-year-old actress' parole was revoked and a warrant was issued for her arrest after she failed a pair of drug tests last week.

Will she or won't she end up back in jail? For now, Lindsay is just going to dinner. Click through for more shots of LiLo's night out and let us know in the comments - how can she get her life back on the straight and narrow?



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  • melissa

    my personal opion is if you fail to do something that the courts order you do . you do it . everyone else do not get these free passes so why should the rich an famous get these passes. total double standards which is not right

  • Mia H
    Mia H

    Can't believe it! She seems to NOT fully understand that she's getting more chances than us commoners. Maybe this time around, her fame has fizzled out and she'll have to get a real job. Perhaps becoming a court reporter is appropriate since she has plenty of experience in the justice system.


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