Lindsay Lohan Offered $50,000 Balloon-Fetish Gig

Plenty of people have been bursting Lindsay Lohan’s bubble lately, and now she might have a chance to turn the tables—and make a pretty nice chunk of change while she’s at it.

TMZ reports that the troubled actress—who’s currently facing jail time after failing two court-mandated drug tests—has been offered $50,000 by fetish Web site Clips4Sale, in exchange for popping a few balloons.

Yup, that’s it; she can even do it fully clothed. Not a bad gig—especially for someone in Lohan’s reportedly dire financial situation.

According to those in the balloon-fetish community—often referred to as “looners”—the thrill from their particular kink is derived from “the feeling of fear associated with a balloon that might pop at any second.” Surely, LiLo can sympathize.

And as long as they don’t fill the balloons with nitrous oxide, Lohan might even be capable of accomplishing this task.