Miranda Cosgrove Lands Edgy 'Good Wife' Role

Miranda Cosgrove Lands Edgy 'Good Wife' Role-photo

Miranda Cosgrove is about to seriously put her acting chops to the test.

EW.com reports that the iCarly star will be putting in a guest-starring appearance on the CBS legal drama The Good Wife—and the part will be a far cry from her usual fare.

On the show, the 17-year-olf Cosgrove will play Sloan, a pop starlet who's arrested on a DUI charge and ends up being represented by attorney Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) during a paparazzi-packed trial. (Sound familiar?)

Good Wife executive producer Robert King says of the upcoming collaboration,

“We’re big iCarly fans, so we really couldn’t think of anyone better for this role than Miranda Cosgrove. We were thrilled when she agreed to do it. It’ll be fun to see her handle both the comedy and drama in the role, and we can’t wait to see how she’ll play across from Julianna.”

Cosgrove will appear on the show's November 16 episode. How do you think she'll do? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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  • Nathan Hunter
    Nathan Hunter

    I wish Miranda the best in this role. If my schedule allows I may try to watch this eposode and see how she did.

  • Molly Willis
    Molly Willis

    Miranda isn't THAT much of an actress. Well, not on iCarly, but when she has the chance to do dramatic stuff, she's really good. She's just not very good at comedy. So this should be a good role for her. I hope Jennette gets a dramatic role soon, because I think she's a better overall actress than Miranda.

  • Ron

    My initial reaction to hearing this news was that “The Good Wife,” a show with which I am not familiar, must be quality television, and the kind of show worth watching. Although I am excited that Ms. Cosgrove’s work on iCarly was recognized by Robert King, and that she was given this opportunity, I am, I think, more interested in seeing the work Mr. King, and the cast of “The Good Wife,” are doing. I have no doubt about Ms. Cosgrove’s abilities at all, including her ability to make sound judgments about her career. “The Good Wife” intrigues me.

  • Crystal

    I think Jeanette is a much better actress on iCarly, but Miranda definitely has talent so I'll be interested to see this.

  • Charaze

    It's a good thing that Miranda could jump from her iCarly character to this edgy wife role. She deserves a lot of projects. Not that I'm saying iCarly isn't good, but she's so talented and she has to be out there. === buzzdiversion.com

  • justem

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