AnnaLynne McCord Is a Total Heel (PHOTOS)

See AnnaLynne McCord. See AnnaLynne McCord run. Run, AnnaLynne McCord, run! In high heels!

The 90210 beauty took part in the Second Annual High Heel-a-Thon, held in New York’s Central Park on Wednesday, going up against similarly brave celebs as Kristin Chenoweth and Kelly Ripa in a 150-yard dash in high heels.

In the end, the sprint was won by Baltimore-based rugby player Ida Bernstein, who crossed the finish line first to score a $10,000 cash prize along with a 2011 Jetta.

Click through the photo gallery to see MCord, Ripa, Chenoweth and the gang getting their kicks in heels. And make sure to drop by Paparazzi-Razzi for even more pics of famous people doing intriguing things.