Blake Lively vs. James Franco: Who’s The Better Kisser?

Smooching bona-fide dreamboat James Franco or Gossip Girl enchantress Blake Lively would be pretty fantastic, but which one would be the best to kiss? Well, there is one person who has had the pleasure of lip-locking with both stars and he says that Blake is hands-down the better kisser of the two.

Aaron Tveit, who plays James’ boyfriend in Howl and made out with Blake on Gossip Girl, tells People about his different smooches.

“[Blake] was awesome,” says Aaron. When asked if she was a better kisser than James, Aaron had to reveal the truth: “Yeah, sorry James.”

Watch James and Aaron snuggle in the Howl trailer.

So, how does the Luckiest Actor in the World prepare for kissing some of Hollywood’s hottest stars? “I guess some breath mints,” reveals Aaron, “Make sure everyone’s on the same page.”

Aaron seduced Blake as Trip van der Bilt on Gossip Girl. He smooches James’ Allen Ginsberg in the new Beat film, Howl. The movie also costars superhunk Jon Hamm.

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