Ian Somerhalder: Hollywood’s Biggest Envriomentalist?

Not only is Ian Somerhalder a total dreamboat, he also has a big green heart.

The Vampire Diaries star spoke with MTV News about his plans to meet with members of Congress to discuss environmental issues. Ian is attending the Washington Energy Summit on Thursday and he plans to use his time in D.C. to influence lawmakers to take on green initiatives:

I think there’s a lot of anger and frustration and fear and determination in this exact moment in our country in the wake of this huge oil spill. But the government, they know enough to figure it out and they’re taking steps to do that, so I’m really honored to be invited to go and speak with these people.

Environmentalism and the BP oil spill are very big issues for Ian. The New Orleans native pushed for more celebrity support of the oil relief efforts and he has been involved in trying to turn the set of Vampire Diaries into a “green” set.

Still, even with all of his big green efforts, Ian is a little shy about facing off against Washington honchos. “I’ll try not to screw up,” joked Ian, “I can’t wait to put my thinking cap on and get to Washington and have really structured and really inspiring conversations with people and hopefully something comes out of it.”

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