Judge Judy Says Lindsay Lohan Needs Jail Time

Judge Judy Says Lindsay Lohan Needs Jail Time-photo

Judge Judy has spoken. 

Judy Sheindlin, known for her tough-talking TV court show, spoke out about Lindsay Lohan on "Live with Regis and Kelly" this morning. When asked "What are we going to do about Lindsay Lohan?" her honor responded, "When the justice system says it's going to do something and it doesn't follow through with it, it sends out a dangerous message." She continued,

"I think [she] has to be given a dose of reality. I don't think she has been living in the real world for a long time. Most people stop using drugs in jail. If you're in jail for three months, nobody is going to get Lindsay Lohan drugs in jail. And there is help there."

Lindsay will appear before a judge tomorrow after failing a drug test.

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  • mike

    My mother with now the 4th cancer@72 losted her vision due to chemo. She loves JUdge Judy and watchs all the time. Her son has been her caregiver 24/7 for 11 years with no help and he does not like her non-mercy advive. But for his mother who waits to hear judge judy I thank her on her behafe. son