Justin Bieber Arrives in South Africa (PHOTOS)

All work and no play can make Justin Bieber a dull boy—yes, it’s possible. Luckily, the 16-year-old “Baby” singer has realized it’s time to temporarily put the brakes on his career and take a much-needed breather.

Bieber arrived at the airport in Johannesburg, South Africa on Wednesday, to take a bit of a vacation. And just in time, too; the singer Tweeted about his exhaustion on Tuesday, noting,

“Wow. I am so tired.. Good thing this flight is going on a [sic] 30 hours.. That’s right I’m going to be the youngest person to go to the moon.”

Rest up, little man—but come back soon. Click through the photo gallery to see more pics of the Biebs landing in South Africa. And make sure to crack open The Holy Bieble for spiritual guidance on all things Bieber.