Katy Perry Too Sexy for 'Sesame Street'

Katy Perry Too Sexy for 'Sesame Street'-photo

Katy Perry is getting kicked off Sesame Street! 

TMZ reports that cleavage-baring Katy's performance of 'Hot N Cold' will be cut from the New Year's Eve broadcast due to backlash from parents who found it too hot for children's television. Among their complaints? Katy's low-cut dress detracted from her revamped rendition of 'Hot N Cold,' which was directed at Elmo.

"They're going to have to rename it cleavage avenue," one parent reportedly said.

Check out Katy's Sesame Street appearance here:

TMZ also points out that Katy's dress is something of an optical illusion. While it seems she's wearing a flesh-baring spaghtetti-strap number, Katy's frock is technically high-necked, her cleavage "covered" with sheer nude fabric. Had all that see-through material been filled in, we'd be ringing in the New Year singing the ABC's with Katy!

Hey, at least Russell Brand probably liked it.

Do you think Katy's Sesame Street style is too hot for kids' TV? Weigh in via the comments.



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  • angel

    and it will b rated 5 stars 4 me,though i h8 sesame street

  • angel

    i don't think it's hot maybe you shouldn't kick katy perry off of sesame street because her dress,I've seen some see-through dresses a lot of peeps wore at church.

  • Dee

    Sesame Street is for young kids. The kids who were just sucking up on your titties not too long ago. Why are you so afraid of letting your children see a human body. Education should include "this is what bodies look like." And Sesame Street also is geared towards children who don't have sexual urges yet.

  • noah

    Elmo runs around naked like a little hairy monster and my future-wife Katy gets in trouble for a little cleavage? God damn Fascists.

  • sophie1986

    At least she has a dress on. Elmo's naked!

  • hearts

    She could have worn a dress where her boobs weren't sticking out and squished together! I know they are big and may be hard to contain, but she should have known better, or whoever it was that dressed her.