Kristen Bell Talks ‘Burlesque’ Drama With Christina Aguilera

Prepare yourselves, movie fans; when Burlesque hit the theaters on November 24, the screen will be filled with a satisfying helping of girl drama.

Kristen Bell, who plays dancer Nikki in the film, tells E! Online that the movie will feature a bitter rivalry between her character and newcomer Ali Rose, played by Christina Aguilera in her big-screen debut:

“It gets pretty catty. It gets pretty bad, which is a lot of fun. Those girl rivalries are always so much fun to play, especially when you actually like the other person. She’s lovely so it was always a struggle to keep a straight face, but it’s fun to be the bitch.”

Alas, the plot doesn’t include a full-on cat fight scene in which Bell and Aguilera tear at each other until their clothes are ripped into tiny shreds. In fact, Bell adds, despite the film being set in the world of burlesque dancing, there will be a distinct lack of naughty bits on display:

“There’s lot of sexiness and I show a lot of skin but there is no nudity. The funny thing about this burlesque in the movie is they sort of reinvented it in a way that Europe already knows it. Americans kind of associate burlesque with stripping, which is not what it is at all. Burlesque is actually sort of a funny, wonderful, playful tease…The movie will be PG-13 and there will be sensual things about it but it won’t be just t*ts and *ss.”

Oh well; at least we know that Aguilera’s raw musical talent will be fully exposed.

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