Mark Salling Flirts With Reporters

In news that does not bode well for his possible hookup Naya Rivera, Glee star Mark Salling has revealed he does not lust after fellow famous people, but instead prefers to hit on the people covering celebrities.

When pressed for his star crushes at a Weezer concert this week, a bespectacled Salling, 28, seized the opportunity to flirt with a group of female reporters, including one from Hollywood Life, who quotes him as saying: “I don’t crush very hard on celebrities, honestly…I crush on journalist ladies!”

Insert giggles here. But who can blame Mark for being turned on by the prospect of free press?

That said, the singer and club-hopper might want to watch his back. This newly-revealed penchant for newsy ladies might draw the ire of co-star Naya Rivera, who may or may not have keyed Mark’s car in a jealous rage.

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