Rihanna Rocks Red-Hot Hair in LA (PHOTOS)

Rihanna continued her red-hot hair streak at boyfriend Matt Kemp's birthday party in Hollywood Wednesday night. RiRi has recently rocked her fiery red head at bestie Katy Perry's bachelorette party and in the steamy cover art for her new single "Only Girl in the World."

Long or short, red or rainbow-streaked, Rihanna's hair never seems to take away from her pretty face, but we need our dear readers to weigh in via the poll below. Rihanna's flaming red hair: Yay or Nay?

Click through for RiRi in all of her redheaded glory.



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  • theonlyafatra

    damn! this is FUGLY!

  • Mar_Mar

    hell no RiRi is a beautiful but that wig ( if it is jus doesnt work at all.....

  • sophie1986

    I suddenly remember why I'm afraid of clowns.

  • glorod

    Like the new hair look but wish it were black instead