Taylor Momsen Fires Back at Tim Gunn ... Kinda

Taylor Momsen Fires Back at Tim Gunn ... Kinda-photo

Attention, Tim Gunn; Taylor Momsen has no time for your acid-tongued criticism.

Project Runway fashion guru Gunn—who recently filmed a guest spot for Momsen's hit show Gossip Girlwent on record about his experience working with Momsen on the show earlier this month, calling her a pathetic "brat" who was more interested in fiddling with her BlackBerry than memorizing her lines.  But if the 17-year-old actress-turned-rocker was wounded by Gunn's critique, she sure isn't letting on.

Questioned about Gunn's attack at the launch of the Material Girl clothing line at Macy's in New York on Wednesday night, Momsen sniffed,

"I don't respond to that."

Wise choice, Taylor; sometimes, silence really is golden.

The "Make Me Wanna Die" singer did, however, have something to say about her detractors in general:

“It’s about owning it no matter what anyone says. This is who I am and this is who I am going to be. It’s about every girl being true to themselves.”

A rather mature perspective, for a so-called "brat."

Do you think that Momsen handled the Gunn controversy properly? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • SS

    Well, seriously. I dont think this is called mature"“It’s about owning it no matter what anyone says. This is who I am and this is who I am going to be. It’s about every girl being true to themselves."-------------------------if it 's about every girl being true to them selves including lack of professionalism, this is not mature. Tim Gunn did not specially pick up on something else, he just simply pointed out she ignored her duty. I doubt this is harsh. I think Taylor should take a note on it.



  • katie

    What look is she trying to go for? I hope she knows that her makeup isn't a good look at all. She looks horribe and she tries o hard. I believe that she most likely is a brat.

  • GuavaQueeen

    Her makeup and slutty clothes make me want to claw something. Why does she insist on dressing like a hooker at the age of 17???

  • m

    someone is suddenly being nice and didnt say "i dont f*ckin care" :D .. i knew her bad attitude was promotional

  • hearts

    She is such a pretty girl, why must she ruin herself with that awful raccon makeup? I mean her eyeshadow is almost touching the top of her cheeks! She has very girly delicate features, so she probably does it to not look too "cute". Tim Gunn has been talking trash about every person he has encountered(Anna Wintour, Lindsay Lohan,etc) so people will pay attention to him and buy his book. But he said the director was pissed at her too, so maybe it is true. She's talented and her band is good, so I still like her.