Jimmy Fallon Channels Justin Bieber

| September 24, 2010 - 3:24 pm

Jimmy Fallon, master impersonator, has struck again!

The Late Night With Jimmy Fallon host, who captivated the world with his Robert Pattinson impression, has now applied his chameleon-like powers to channeling “Baby” singer Justin Bieber.

Fallon tweeted a picture of himself all Bieber-ed out last night, along with a crack about the Bieb-ster’s CSI performance:

“Justin Bieber made his acting debut on CSI. In the episode, Justin is forced to investigate a very suspicious arrival—pubes.”

Ooooh—low blow, Fallon!

But let’s set that unpleasantness aside for a moment. Who rocks the Bieber look better, Justin or Jimmy? Have your say in the comments section.