Joe Jonas to Collaborate with Tom Hanks

Joe Jonas to Collaborate with Tom Hanks-photo

The combined genius of Joe Jonas and Tom Hanks, together in one project? Brace yourselves, people, for it is soon to be so.

The Jonas Brothers hearrthrob and prolific ladies' man revealed that he's been working with the Emmy Award-winning producer of The Pacific recently, telling a reporter backstage on the Camp Rock 2 tour that he and Hanks are collaborating on a so-far-secret but sure-to-be-epic television project:

"That day you spotted me, I saw the photo [of me leaving the recording studio]. I was actually doing something with Tom Hanks that day. A little bit of a different studio something. He's working on a new TV show, so you'll see that pretty soon, and he asked me to be a part of it."

The mind reels at the possibilities: A small-screen adaptation of Castaway, in which Jonas plays the volleyball? Bosom Buddies revamp, maybe? (Please, let it be a Bosom Buddies revamp!)

What do you think Jonas and Hanks are working on? We know you have some thoughts on this, so feel free to share 'em in the comments section.



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  • Season Woehl
    Season Woehl

    Really good read. You totally should write for

  • kindle

    I like how he totally googles himself to see pictures the paps take of him. A little full of ourselves Joe?

  • mia

    Justin Bieber totally killed Jonas mojo. I'm happy, cuz atleast Justin Bieber is cute.

  • mchudi91 xx
    mchudi91 xx

    i just dont know on this sounds like such a weird combination....will it work...only time will tell!!!

  • m

    i hate advertising comments anyway good for joe :D

  • n

    Go away you lame Jonas Boner! Go away! can u stop hating on him please

  • annabannana56

    Go away you lame Jonas Boner! Go away!

  • Annonomyous

    I like him and all but he is gonna look rlly bad next to Tom Hanks!And why isn't nick guest starring!!??