Justin Bieber's 'CSI' Acting Debut (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber's 'CSI' Acting Debut (VIDEO)-photo

Did you catch Justin Bieber's acting debut on CSI last night?

The "Baby" cutie's appearance finally aired on Thursday night, showing Justin playing a two-faced teen troublemaker who has fallen in with an authority-defying crowd. Given Bieber's love of pranks (especially those involving authority figures), the role doesn't sound like that much a stretch.

Watch a new clip of Justin's debut below.

Want to relive Justin's acting debut? Check out the full episode.

Did Justin enjoy his acting debut? The teen idol couldn't watch the episode since he is currently on vacation but he tweeted a reminder to fans. "CSI episode is tonight," Justin tweeted, "Hope u enjoy the bad man."

Did you enjoy Justin's bad character? Share your thoughts below.



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  • Carolyn

    I am an "old fart grandma" and I watched cuz my grandaughter wanted me to. He really was... Not bad. In the beginning scenes you could see his inexperience, but the last scene was "well acted". He creeped me out a bit! That is good acting. Got a feeling we will see more of him in future..for sure.

  • mia


  • sophie1986

    CSI: Bieber will get its ass handed to it when it goes up against Law & Order: Jonas Bros. DUNH DUNHHHHHHH!!!

  • GabbyLuuvsJb

    Haha, I watched... and I have to say that he wasn't bad at all.. !!! I was running around town.. "JUSTIN BIEBER KILLED A MAN" lol He was still pretty hot in the episode...

  • lil gi
    lil gi

    ooooooooohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy gooooooshhhhhhh. so hot. whoo!

  • annabannana56

    Again,I can't see the video...Celebuzz?