Lindsay Lohan Granted Bail

Lindsay Lohan will probably spend the weekend as a free woman after all.

TMZ reports that Judge Patricia Schnegg has reversed Judge Elden Fox’s decision to deny Lohan bail, and has set the troubled actress’ bail at $300,000.

Lohan was taken into custody and booked into the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California, this morning, following her probation violation hearing.

Schnegg’s reversal reportedly stems from the fact that, contrary to Fox’s ruling, it is against California law not to offer bail in misdemeanor cases.

Lohan, who was jailed after failing at least one court-mandated drug test, isn’t completely free and clear, however; she must wear a SCRAM bracelet (a familiar situation for the actress) and submit to search by law enforcement officers at any time, and is banned from being with known drug users. She must also steer clear of places in which alcohol is “the chief item of sale.”

It is expected that Lohan will make bail and be released within the next couple of hours. Her next scheduled court appearance is on October 22, for her formal hearing and sentencing.

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