Redheaded Rihanna Steps Out in See-Through Top (PHOTOS)

Rihanna bared her bra in a see-through top as she left Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica, CA on Thursday night.

The fire-haired songbird sported the completely transparent tank with a black satin bra underneath. Although her top half was farily scandalous, RiRi kept things casual on the bottom with flared jeans.

What do you think of RiRi's revealing look? Check out more photos and share your thoughts in the comments below.



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  • OldLady

    She looks daring, and beautiful.

  • SaucyCupid

    Are you kidding? Sheer shirt. Nobody notices the horrible red hair?

  • Justnotintoyou

    She's gay, isn't she? Not that there's anything wrong with that. She seems "forced", planned, presented, unnatural.

  • Riri's fan
    Riri's fan

    she looks very baddddd i hate that new hair, its too much hair for her !

  • sara

    if you had never seen her before you'd never guess that she was a celebrity. you'd think she was some girl from the hood going out for the night in a tacky outfit. maybe it wouldn't look so bad if she wasn't wearing that top with jeans

  • Pamelaloveya

    Rihanna, why why? You are one of the best but I am not too crazy about this. Im sure you will make up for this, though!

  • Naiomi Nicole
    Naiomi Nicole

    honestly i dont have anything personal against rhianna but i hate her music, her hair looks like its needs to be combed, and retouched, or maybe just shaved to make her life easier and her comment. Eventhough i lost respect for what Chris did to her, im gaining my respect cuz he's not trying to get attention, he's being himself...her on the other hand,she seems as if she wants attention, why couldnt she stay the girl from barbados, its ok to change ur look up but ever since her and chris broke up now she's the 'Good Girl Gone Bad' ......REALLY?!

  • redwire

    Rihanna looks hott as always, are you all blind, heck if you all don't want her id gladly take her, she's my #1 choice for hottest female celebrity. period.

  • redwire

    uhmmmm no she don't... not even half as good

  • erkki


  • Halle Berry
    Halle Berry

    Hello,Vampchick196.I read everyone's comment before I started typing,but your comment was so cute to me.I'm still over surprised how u described Rihanna's condition.u really touched her weak points after she broke up with Chris Brown.The truth is,that I'm one of Rihanna's huge fans.I've never loved her style lately though.cause she ain't smell well in shape.I even was a fun of Chris Brown,but I think I lost his support for fighting with Rihanna. Bye

  • vampchick196

    Oh...Wow... That's really scary. God she looks terrible! Damn Chris Brown really messed her up didn't he? C'mon Rihanna! At least wear something acceptable!

  • maria chairez
    maria chairez

    the girl next to her looks better

  • Dea

    Not cute, as usual. Sweetie that hair...hasnt been cute in a long time. Stop trying to be...whatever it is your trying to be

  • youremyfavoritesong

    um..rihanna needs to stop trying to get attention!! she looks like ronal mcdonald with that hari.

  • ilovehim:)

    i jus really dnt like her she needs to go somewhere

  • annabannana56

    She looks like a crazy red clown,and I have a feeling she wants to eat me. I use to have nightmares about gay cowboys eating pudding and now this? Thanks a lot internet!

  • noah

    Rihanna looks so much like a troll doll that I gave her a little gem for her belly button. Aww, cute.