The Week in Buzz: Celebrity News Roundup for the Unfortunately Busy (PHOTOS)

Mean ol' boss make you work all week instead of letting you keep tabs on all the latest gossip? Don't worry, Celebuzz has you covered.

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  • amanda

    she looks beautiful!!!! OMG

  • hannah

    is my idea, or she didn't washed her hair? jajajaj love her anyways!

  • lalalala58

    she needs to stop mooching of her parents a get a real job/life~

  • lola289

    wow... facial work did her good! lol

  • Jurgen R. Brul
    Jurgen R. Brul

    Dear Sesame Street Friends,It is so Sad that Elmo and our kids cannot play with Katy Perry!But fortunately Elmo and our kids can still play with Disney Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus who still Can't Be Tamed!Advice:Let us Now make our world a Better Healthier and Beautiful World for You and for Me and the Entire Humane Race! Greetings and may GOD Bless Us ALL,Jurgen R. Brul

  • chelsea

    clearly doing it for money.

  • Chelsea

    shes going to carry on making the same mistakes over and over again & guess what? she'll probably never do a proper jail time, a typical spoilt celebrity.

  • freshup16

    she's such a looser

  • freshup16

    wow, one cant even sing and the other is crazy as shizz