Ashley Greene Goes on Sex-Shopping Spree

Sounds like Ashley Greene’s boyfriend, Joe Jonas, might be in for a wild time.

Hollywood Life reports that Twilight beauty Greene embarked on an intriguing shopping excursion last Tuesday, hitting up Los Angeles “erotic boutique” Coco de Mer. So, what sort of items was Greene in the market for? According to a blabber-mouthed employee of the sex shop, the 23-year-old actress was perusing “nighties” and other lingerie—oh, and a filthy coloring book and sex toys: 

“She also peeked at the Kama Sutra books—including the Mammoth Book of Karma Sutra and the C*** Colouring Book. She also made sure to see everything in the store, including the vibrators.”

While Ashley didn’t actually buy anything at the boutique, the employee wouldn’t be surprised if she sends a minion to purchase the items of interest for Greene in the near future:

“Lots of celebrities come and browse and have their assistants pick things up for them later!”

Hey, a job’s a job—especially in this grim economy…

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