Courtney Love Explains Her Dramatic Makeover

Courtney Love Explains Her Dramatic Makeover-photo

When Courtney Love turned up at the September 20 premiere of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps looking remarkably lifelike and human, many on the Internet were shocked: Did she undergo a Heidi Montag-like plastic-surgery spree? Make a deal with the devil?

As it turns out, no; the 46-year-old rocker explains the secret to her turnaround to Us Magazine, and it's shockingly simple. Aside from darkening her hair to a more "natural"  blonde, the Hole ma'am says that  "running and doing anti-gravity yoga" have been key to her newfound healthy appearance.

But perhaps most importantly? La Love says that she's been more careful about the company that she keeps:

"I used Tony Robbins' concerto of modeling from people who are good influences on me. I try to keep the negative people out of my life."

Maybe Love should launch her own self-help empire, because whatever it is she's doing, it's obviously working.

Are you shocked by Courtney Love's new appearance? And how long do you think it will last? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • Andrea

    @Joseppi I have an Omni-Swing from (aka and yes, I agree it does WONDERS for your body, mind, soul!! Think of it like this ladies (and gents): as a botox-free face-lift and your own personal anti-gravity home gym. LOVE IT!

  • Joseppi

    Its definitely gotta be the Anti-Gravity YogaSwings she plays on! Checkkout the other gorgeously fit models that use it regularly at 'Yogaswing dot com'

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  • lulu

    it's QUITE obvious that whatever she's doing involves a health overhaul .. NOT plastic surgery ... it's a pleasure to see someone embrace the power of healing .. the inner work is obvious too .. i wish her the best .. she was never 'ugly' but she had a heavy drug habit .. she's obviously straight .. how long to i think it will last? forever.. now that she can compare the 2 lifestyles & 'choose' it's simple ...

  • Pepper

    At least she knew she was hidiously ugly before and she did something about it!

  • Guest

    Okay, it may partially be the hair color - but she is not acknowledging that she is wearing more Pan-Cake makeup than a drag queen. She's worn it since the "kinderwhore look" was going on and yet still can't figure out how to blend it so she doesn't look like she's wearing a mask.