Courtney Love Explains Her Dramatic Makeover

When Courtney Love turned up at the September 20 premiere of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps looking remarkably lifelike and human, many on the Internet were shocked: Did she undergo a Heidi Montag-like plastic-surgery spree? Make a deal with the devil?

As it turns out, no; the 46-year-old rocker explains the secret to her turnaround to Us Magazine, and it’s shockingly simple. Aside from darkening her hair to a more “natural”  blonde, the Hole ma’am says that  “running and doing anti-gravity yoga” have been key to her newfound healthy appearance.

But perhaps most importantly? La Love says that she’s been more careful about the company that she keeps:

“I used Tony Robbins’ concerto of modeling from people who are good influences on me. I try to keep the negative people out of my life.”

Maybe Love should launch her own self-help empire, because whatever it is she’s doing, it’s obviously working.

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