Exclusive: Producer Says Lindsay Lohan Is Still ‘Perfect Choice’

The producer of Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming romantic comedy One Night With You tells Celebuzz exclusively that he still wants her for the role of a scandal-plagued Hollywood starlet, despite rumors Taylor Swift might be replacing her.

“Nothing is set in stone. We continue to hold Lindsay in the highest regard,” writer/producer Richard O’Sullivan tells Celebuzz exclusively. “She’s a tremendous actor and remains the perfect choice for the role of Nikki in One Night With You.”

O’Sullivan even wrote the role, described as a “former child star whose career is rocked by a series of public scandals,” with Lohan in mind. But he admits that her recent legal drama and addiction issues have forced the filmmakers to consider other casting options, including upstanding country star Swift.

Responding to reports that he was in talks with Swift, O’Sullivan said one of the One Night producers had a “brief conversation” with Swift’s agent (and Britney Spears’ boyfriend) Jason Trawick “some months back.”

“At that time, Taylor was in the midst of preparing for an extensive tour and wouldn’t have been able to commit whether she was interested or not. I’m not even sure what her schedule is looking like in the next few months,” O’Sullivan said, adding: “She’s a terrific talent. I thought she was the best thing in Valentine’s Day and that film had practically every A-list star in Hollywood in it.”

While there has been no formal offer extended to Taylor, O’Sullivan said he’d “love to work with her, be it on this project or something else in the future.”

Reportedly heading to rehab (again,) Lindsay has time to iron out her personal issues before work begins on One Night With You. O’Sullivan told Celebuzz there will be no final decision regarding his lead actress until he wraps filming on his current project, the horror movie Hallows, which is currently in pre-production. Whether or not O’Sullivan will get to work with his first choice is now up to Lohan.

“If not for the events of the last few months, we wouldn’t even be thinking of looking elsewhere,” he said.

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