Justin Bieber Says Fans Don’t Have ‘Real Love’ for Him

Sixteen-year-old “Baby” sensation Justin Bieber recently sat down with British newspaper The Daily Mail to discuss his meteoric rise to fame and intensely loyal fanbase. Told by interviewer Liz Jones that his audience really loves him, Bieber sniffed,

“It’s not real love. You can say that it is, but it’s not. They do not know who I am.”

Wow; talented, adorable and a man of mystery on top of it? This won’t do much to extinguish the flames of fascination. Though we do suspect that a certain three-year-old Bieber super-fan won’t take this news lightly.

Let us know in the comments section: Is your love for the Biebs real, or built on the illusion of familiarity? And make sure to hit up The Holy Bieble for inspirational messages about the Biebs.