Katy Perry Pokes Fun at 'Sesame Street' on 'SNL' (VIDEO)

Katy Perry Pokes Fun at 'Sesame Street' on 'SNL' (VIDEO)-photo

Katy Perry busted out a funny response to her ban from Sesame Street on the season premiere of the NBC sketch comedy over the weekend.

With her Sesame appearance scrapped after parents complained about her cleavage-baring dress, musical guest Katy plunged even further into taboo territory, wearing a snug, low-cut Elmo t-shirt during a skit with Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph.

Katy played - who else? - Brooklyn teenager Maureen DeChico, who reads to teenagers at the local library despite her racy attire. Check her out here c/o NBC:

Katy also performed her ubiquitous "California Gurls," but earned some jeers for the quality - or lack thereof - in her vocals. Judge for yourself here:

Katy's guest-starring gigs won't end with SNL and Sesame. Entertainment Weekly reports Miss Perry will appear as herself in a live-action Christmas-themed episode of The Simpsons that will feature Homer, Bart and company as puppets. Happy Holidays indeed!

How do you rate Katy's SNL performance? Sound off in the comments.



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  • tyco

    You people are deaf. As a musician and someone who can actually tell when something is in tune or not I can inform you who do not have any musical aptitude whatsoever that Katy Perry was singing completely off-key for the entire song. Teenage Dream was slightly better than California Gurlz but she sand off-key for large portions of that song too.

  • rompon

    She sounds OK. The song's just weak. Let's just say not one Brian Wilson would have come up it.

  • sydsouth

    * I'v been watching SNL since the 90's, and they never fail to make me laugh my little ass off!! * =}

  • hugstogagaloo

    Though I am a huge Gaga fan, have to say I think Katy sounded fine to me!

  • Janette

    Whoever said the acoustics there are bad is absolutely right. She's not the greatest singer in the world, but after watching it, she's not as bad as the comments lead me to believe.

  • aunt Billy
    aunt Billy

    What is the point with that Elmo´s t-shirt? it is a revenge? OMG! Poor Elmo to be in that situation!

  • Jim Wheelock
    Jim Wheelock

    As one who is all to happy to dog on live performances, I gotta say, I don't know what all the criticism is about. Katy's voice reminds me a little of Bono's. The quality isn't great, and it doesn't sound like he sings well. But, he does. Katy is the same. Her quality of voice isn't great. It sounds as though she straining. But, it's just her voice. Except for a short portion at the end, she hit all the notes fine. You want to hear pitchy? Listen to Taylor Swift live sometime. Sheesh.

  • noah

    Uh, I don't know what you're talking about Celebuzz. Her boobs sounded fantastic during that performance. They were right on pitch and never missed a beat.

  • Andy

    I think she did fine. The acoustics there are not that good...I have seen other acts do deplorably bad there. She was good and I don't even like that style of music.

  • bob boboo
    bob boboo

    She had the talent she needed up top


    Having been a music major in college, and having watched SNL since 197x, I think she did fine. I guess if you don't like her, go ahead and complain.

  • Devo Dave
    Devo Dave

    The singing is pretty awful. She's out of tune all the way through. Fair play for actually singing live, but it's awful. It is not awesome in any way. Other people sing live all the time and are great, she just isn't.

  • EquiPro

    Stupid you for not knowing that there are people who can sing - LIVE - on pitch (Lady GaGa, Adam Lambert, etc.). Katy Perry can't sing, and can't dance. It's a shame she's a star without really having the talent to have earned it.

  • David

    it actually sounds like she's really singing into the mic instead of just lip syncing. Only a few performers insist on this and it really sets them apart from the rest. Stupid morons in America don't even realize what an actual human voice sounds like because of the over-produced pop music we have now. I think the performance by KP is pretty awesome really. Props for actually singing!