Lady Gaga Mourns 'Perfect' Grandpa Giuseppe

Lady Gaga Mourns 'Perfect' Grandpa Giuseppe-photo

Lady Gaga is mourning the death of her beloved grandfather, Joseph Germanotta, who reportedly passed away in New Jersey Friday at age 88.

Gaga, 24, paid tribute to her grandpa, who knew her as Stephanie Germanotta, via Twitter on Sunday, saying: "Having a Perfect Manhattan, for my perfect guy. Love you Giuseppe."

Gaga revealed her close relationship with her paternal grandfather when she dedicated the song "Speechless" to him at a concert in Nottingham, England in May. She told fans she was "really close" with him and at the time was "really sad" about his illness.

See Gaga open up about her grandpa here (about 2:30 in:)

Gaga was spotted visiting her grandpa's nursing home on Wednesday September 22nd with her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, and rumored boyfriend Luc Carl.

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  • tannerroxursox

    dear lady gaga, i hope you can read this. my grandpa is currently in the hospital and so i know how you feel. you and your whole family are in my prayers. my grandpa means a lot to me and i can see in the video above that you care about yours very much as do i. you are a very strong and confident person and i wish you a lifetime of peace and success. thank you for everything you do and just know that i love you and your music. -Tanner Arden

  • rock n roll queen
    rock n roll queen

    my deepest regrets gaga stay strong i love u