Lea Michele: Justin Bieber Would Be ‘Awesome’ on ‘Glee’

Justin Bieber on Glee? Hey, it could happen and Glee star Lea Michele thinks that it would be a perfect fit.

“I don’t know about Justin Bieber coming on the show,” said Lea, “but he would be awesome.” While Lea doesn’t have a problem with the “Baby” singer, Rachel Berry might see red over sharing the stage with a teen idol.

Lea sounds good when she shares a song with another baby-faced male star–Chris Colfer. Check out Lea and Chris singing “Defying Gravity” below.

While Justin won’t be coming on the show any time soon, Lea did divulge the details of another celebrity guest star: “I will tell you this–breaking news from Lea Michele!–we have an Academy Award winner coming on Glee in the next few episodes.”

There are rumors that Gwyneth Paltrow–an Oscar winner–will be appearing on Glee this season.

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